Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Everyone knows this concerto, and for good reason, it's bad-ass.

Even better is Oistrakh playing it.

Listen and be joyous about the world.

And then listen up on some Bruch, which is equally bad-ass. I couldn't find a more suitable recording, I have a better one on CD, but I have yet to figure out how to upload it here.

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  1. Actually, I quite like that recording of the Bruch concerto. The orchestra's not that great, but the soloist has good energy and is musical. AND she doesn't drag the tempo. Dude, there's so many recordings of this concerto that just put me to sleep. To some extend, even the Menuhin recording is a little slow and draggy.
    I feel like the beginning of the slow sappy section here is a little too heavy, and some notes weren't exactly there, but I'm the last person who says a piece needs to be 100% perfectly intune to be beautiful. Some people try to be so perfect they sound like wind-up dolls. Anyways, that's just my opinion, but I think you aren't giving that recording enough credit.
    You should listen to Oistrakh play Brahms. Tchaik is great, but only second best to Brahms, imho. :)

    And now I'm going to stop typing before my bro bursts in here again asking why the entire apartment smells like goat.