Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Some thoughts

1. Blogspot in German is weird; it is equally weird in French. Conclusion: Try putting it in Tamil or Arabic for maximum mind-warp.

2. I'm in America. I'm not used to hearing people speaking so much English. This has happened after just a week in Austria, I wonder what it'd be like after like a year abroad. Conclusion: Study abroad and learn a new language.

3. This blog is undergoing transformation into something. I've been considering this for some time. Conclusion: Less bitching, more interesting shit. This isn't Livejournal.

4. Linear Algebra is an interesting course. It will require careful attention on a daily basis. Conclusion: Less wasting of time, more working.

5. Grades from last quarter are in. Did worse than expected. Conclusion: Find out if classes are curved before hand instead of assuming it. Less wasting time, more working. Education is expensive.

6. Macbook might be dying or on its way there. Very slow. I will need to do some reformatting thingy that I did before to revitalize it. Conclusion: If this computer dies, I'm buying a ThinkPad. Mac is getting way too expensive(oh wait...it always has been).

7. German is harder than French, but also easier since Germans and Austrians are better people. I'm pretty sure that even the Swiss are better people than the French. Conclusion: Never move to France.

8. Linux is weird. I still fail to understand why people like it. Oh wait...it's logo is a PENGUIN!! Conclusion: Only computer geeks/afficionados like Linux. Since I am neither, I shall never get Linux.

9. The euro is better than the dollar. Conclusion: Demand to be contractually paid in euros.

10. It is raining and my toesies are very wet. Chicago is a dead-end city with its weather. Conclusion: Never wear Converses in the rain and never move to Chicago.

And now I will click "post veröffentilichen" and life will be dandy lest I end up doing the whole "jetzt speichern" thing...yeah, ich komme aus der USA man...

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