Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Some thoughts

1. Blogspot in German is weird; it is equally weird in French. Conclusion: Try putting it in Tamil or Arabic for maximum mind-warp.

2. I'm in America. I'm not used to hearing people speaking so much English. This has happened after just a week in Austria, I wonder what it'd be like after like a year abroad. Conclusion: Study abroad and learn a new language.

3. This blog is undergoing transformation into something. I've been considering this for some time. Conclusion: Less bitching, more interesting shit. This isn't Livejournal.

4. Linear Algebra is an interesting course. It will require careful attention on a daily basis. Conclusion: Less wasting of time, more working.

5. Grades from last quarter are in. Did worse than expected. Conclusion: Find out if classes are curved before hand instead of assuming it. Less wasting time, more working. Education is expensive.

6. Macbook might be dying or on its way there. Very slow. I will need to do some reformatting thingy that I did before to revitalize it. Conclusion: If this computer dies, I'm buying a ThinkPad. Mac is getting way too expensive(oh wait...it always has been).

7. German is harder than French, but also easier since Germans and Austrians are better people. I'm pretty sure that even the Swiss are better people than the French. Conclusion: Never move to France.

8. Linux is weird. I still fail to understand why people like it. Oh wait...it's logo is a PENGUIN!! Conclusion: Only computer geeks/afficionados like Linux. Since I am neither, I shall never get Linux.

9. The euro is better than the dollar. Conclusion: Demand to be contractually paid in euros.

10. It is raining and my toesies are very wet. Chicago is a dead-end city with its weather. Conclusion: Never wear Converses in the rain and never move to Chicago.

And now I will click "post veröffentilichen" and life will be dandy lest I end up doing the whole "jetzt speichern" thing...yeah, ich komme aus der USA man...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Life at Charles De Gaulle


I was sitting alone in Air France when I met a group of brown people. In fact, I'm almost positive that they were Sri Lankan because their Tamil was very distinct. I'll also add that I'm wearing my bright Sri Lanka cricket shirt, which probably drew them to me.

What makes them so special?

They brought a freaking RICE COOKER to the airport. Yes, the husband legitimately pulled it out and plugged it in to make some rice in the middle of Paris-CDG airport. Don't even ask. It was ridiculous.

And that's my day as I wait for my flight back to the Mid-West, though I'd honestly rather go back to Vienna and just chill for a bit longer...I mean, who wouldn't?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sri Lankan Men

Hahahahahaha, these two guys...are so ridiculous. When my dad has my uncles over, this is what they do. They just sit in their sarongs and talk about shit. Granted, this is in Sinhalese and not Tamil, but since neither I nor any of you understand it, that fact is useless.

But man, THE SARONG. Ahahahahahahaha. EVERY DAY when he gets back from work, my dad hops into a sarong and just sits in his big chair to start reading medical journals or to shoot the breeze with me. Hilarious.

I'm having to contain my laughter in the library.

On another note, I need to look away from Math for a while. I can't think clearly to the point where 1+1=0 is a legitimate statement.

Watch this and laugh.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


The exam week is upon us...exciting!

That above is the Banana snack I'm eating. Ok, so they don't really taste like bananas, but they are really really good for when you're studying and happen to hunger just a tad. I don't know what is it that makes these so addictive, maybe it's that banana dude on the front looking extremely banana-y. Hahahaha, what a banana.

I'm in a weird mood, one of those moods that I get when I'm a bit stressed out about life and school together. I guess I get these too often because I think too much about things instead of just doing shit. Too much talk, not enough action. I'm confident that I've said I'm going to do a lot of things but only accomplished maybe one or two. That needs to change, but of course, I hope that statement in and unto itself won't end up in the annals of "things Tony talks about doing but doesn't end up doing."

Last quarter, I was doing really well at accomplishing many things though. I was getting up early every day at the start and exercising. I was eating right and on top of my game...and then I got totally thrown off with pneumonia that was preceded by bronchitis just a few weeks before. That knocked the wind out of me and well, it was really hard to get back on after that. I don't know, I suddenly don't feel like talking about this, too much bitching. I thought a lot today about how much I just bitch and it was really embarrassing. Things aren't so bad when you take perspective and calm down.

I also have this thought: I should also get my shit together, which is the over-arching theme here too. It's annoying people and I know it. Even those people who don't admit it annoys them...yeah, I know you people. It's chill, I understand. I'm annoyed at myself too, which is why I don't like mirrors because I always end up talking to myself. Ok, too much weird, I won't elaborate.

Blaaaaaaaaaaaah. I'm going to hop around like a bunny in my room now and then do work.

By the way, I was in the Science and Engineering library until about an hour ago...it's a fantastic place to get work done. I'm a serious fan of it and plus, it's much closer to my dorm. The only downer is the lack of power outlets, which is why I'm back in my room, but other than that, it's a good place. Great lighting, perfectly aligned desks, and silence. The regular library is getting really loud these days and there are way too many people around. It's too stressful to study around other high strung people. It's like a vortex of soul sucking stress. Potatoes. I have removed this potato though by going to a new library. Solved.

Now if they had a power strip somewhere, I could check my Math answers online. That's ok though, I think I know a spot there. I'm going to return there now. My room isn't a good study place. Another solution!

THE PAPAYA HAS RISEN!!! The best solution!

That's the real good news, homies.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Because it's true

I love Walrus.

I've never said that publicly here on The Fat Red Panda, but I think you should know this.


The Compleate Angler

"I envy not him that eats better meat than I do; nor him that is richer, or that wears better clothes than I do: I envy nobody but him, and him only, that catches more fish than than I do."

-"The Compleat Angler" by Izaak Walton

Check it, read it, dance to it.

Perry Wong suggested the book to me and I shall be doing so very soon.

If you don't fish, you'll still appreciate it anyway.

We're planning a fishing trip next quarter during a period when we are both free academically. It will be to the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee. If you've never been, I highly recommend it, the area is extremely green and breathtaking. I went there when I was younger with my dad and I still remember its amazingness.

At any rate, it's about ten hours out of Chicago, so definitely, for a weekend and week after that isn't stressful.

It is Reading Week and I have exams next week, I shall be hibernating with books, sleep, and knowledge.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I like this quote.

"A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write, if he is ultimately to be at peace with himself. What a man can be, he must be." -Abraham Maslow

From my Psych text book.


I don't like Daylight Savings when it's implemented. After a while, I don't really care, but when you have to change, it feels like you're getting screwed for your day.

So, today, I protested. Right now, I'm one hour behind everyone else and I have an extra hour of my day to live.

Yeah, take that.

My life is an hour longer and that's good because life is hard, but overall, it's very beautiful and precious.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm a conservative vector field.

Yes, I am very conservative when it comes to vector fields. So conservative because if you get all liberal and shit, you create chaos and headaches and crises! THE WORLD OF MATH WOULD COME TO AN END AS WE KNOW IT!!!!

So, when it comes to Math, I'm voting Republican. Y'all need to get with the program.

Or not. Actually, when it's not conservative, then I don't do anything. So, really, the world is much better and lazy and fat like a delicious bunny.

Ok, for real.

I'm eating donuts in the library right now and I have many yellow legal pad papers with Math on them near me. I must look so cool with my Math. I've realized that Math makes you look cool. Whenever I see someone doing Math, I'm like "oh snap, Math." When I see reading, I see reading, which is cool, but it's not my "oh snap, Math is being done." Of course, reading makes you grow as a person while Math makes your mind grow in logical thinking. So really, we need a story book about Math where each character is a member of the set and goes on adventures through the integration and shit!! Ahhhh, that'd be hilarious!!!

No, probably wouldn't be.

I'm a bit sick, it's mostly pleasant, except for this headache. I'm too cheap to buy pain relievers, so I'm being a man and toughing it out.

I like tea. I think you should all have a fine lapsang souchoung. It's very smokey, thus, this makes it the scotch of teas. If you drink scotch, then you'll understand. If not, well, then sad. Scotch is very smokey and peaty. So is this tea. It's delicious and makes the palate dance.

I should do Math.

Peace, brothas.