Tuesday, January 13, 2009


This video made me laugh. I don't know if it'll embed properly, but watch it. It will be even funnier if you're brown. Or not, whatever.

There was supposed to be a big blizzard today. I was most disappointed when I woke up and found sunlight. The sun is fantastic and all, but I wanted to experience an intense blizzard! The last time I felt such was way back in the day when I was on one of my first visits to Lake Tahoe with my dad. We couldn't even drive out; it was so bad. Oh well, I'm sure a few more warnings will come around and a few will be true! I'm excited.

I'm not feeling too chatty at the moment; it's ok, these moments happen. I've yet to figure out the destiny of this blog, so I'll let it evolve over time. This segues into a new thing, I need to get out and start taking pictures again. Digital and film. The opportunities are vast here and I already have a project in mind! I'm going to do icicles. I've spotted quite a few massive specimens that deserve my close inspection.

Well, that's all for now, be on the look out for some random pictures. I can't say if they'll be good or anything, but hey, who know, right?

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