Friday, January 9, 2009

The Lands

These are the lands in which we live. They are open and flat. Grand and empty. To some, these lands are places to weep and cry. Places where we leave our dreams and pursue new developments either by necessity or by lack of will. Yes, these are the lands in which we live.

But are these lands so bad? Are they so heinous and empty? We look at the empty gray blankets of snow upon the lake and we feel the biting wind drilling into our bones and soul, what do we see? What do we feel as we walk forward and feel our toes surrounded by the slush left behind by the passing cars? What keeps us in these lands that we claim so strongly to despise?

These are questions that cannot be answered. Questions better left unanswered.

Yet I will tell you, these are the lands of the cold toes. The bitterness you feel as you slosh forward in your canvas Converses through the blackened snow and ice only grows with each step. Yet in it, you find some treats. You find the knowledge that once you reach your home, that you can curl up by the knocking radiator and dump off those shoes. You can unravel those toesies and let them warm up. These are the most wonderful feelings. The mint hot chocolate you put in the microwave beeps up and you slurp it down. Not fast , but slowly, to appreciate each subtle flavor and warmth. You feel the mint coolness and wonder what is it that compels you to return to the cold outside? Oh and then let us not forget, the grand comics of Asterix and Tintin that you have nearby. Yes, these are why we stay in these lands, to foster these memories.

What more does one say? To stare out and feel depressed about the coldness and lack of sun? It has been done by many, I'll admit. I've done it as well and to what effect? Appreciating it makes it far better. Once you think of those warming toesies and that soothing mint hot cocoa dancing down your esophagus, all is well and for even a brief moment, Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy are real. Ah, the innocence of childhood alive again! Calvin and Hobbes got it right beyond belief.

Perhaps tonight I shall change Tintin for good old Calvin. Yes, one change. But delicious anyway.

-The Panda Has Spoken

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