Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Potatoes

So, sometimes, things are just potatoey. If you need clarification for what this means, well, then I'm sorry but it cannot be known by anyone else but those who just know. Yes, it's very exclusive to understand the Philosophy of Potato. The Wholey Papaya is another philosophy that is elusive to many and understood by a selective few of Walruses, Durians, and other magical creatures.

What to say, there are a lot of happenings, irons in the fire as some might say. Some will take a while to mature while others are maturing right now. IN THE MOMENT!!!

I'm also doing some triple integrals right now, and it's very complicated doing integration. I don't know why, but I don't like anti-differentiation that much. It's not that it's hard per se, but it's just a brain teaser and I have to think a lot to get it down. Not that I mind thinking, but some things just take me longer than the time alloted. Oh wellll, Math is fun though and I like doing it. It's very interesting and I can't believe I'm thinking about a major in it! CPS made me hate Math, but then I came here and started to like it...I credit this to Northwestern not using the stupid CPS method of math pedagogy.

Speaking of CPS, I saw Perry Wong over the weekend. We went to La Oaxaqueña to celebrate Chinese New Year. Yes, only with Perry would I celebrate CNY by going to a Oaxacan restaurant. I sadly don't have pictures from this food adventure, but next time we go, I hope to have some for the blog. A few of his friends from UChicago tagged along. I highly recommend getting the classic chicken with mole sauce or the whole red snapper cooked with cactus. Delicious. Don't get the seafood platters though, it's really not as good as you'd think.

I also went with Perry to Banadir, which is this Somali hang-out. I can't really say it's a "restaurant" since it seems that most of the clientele consists of Somali cab drivers who just chill and talk about life while having either Al-Jazeera or soccer matches on the T.V. The food, however, is cheap and DELICIOUS!!! I need to get some pictures and post them. Get this, sixteen plates of amazing food for only $40. You just can't beat that anywhere...and plus, you get to hang out with friendly Somalis who are more than willing to talk to you about anything.

I'm also a secret soccer fan, which is probably because soccer was the first sport I seriously played. I was on the offense for the Castro Valley Wildcats(hahahaha, see the trend? CPS Cougars, Northwestern Wildcats) before my mom made me quit. It was very fun and even though I was the smallest kid on the team, I really liked it...mrgh, I wish I'd stayed on. I digress.

Anyway, this Somali man asked if any of us were Arsenal fans and I wasn't sure how to respond. I sometimes follow the UEFA stuff and the Premier League, but I've never really gotten very serious about least, to the point where I have a favorite team. I don't particularly like Mancester United because they remind me of the NY Yankees: lots of money. It kills the game when teams that are the richest have the best players...but that's just my take. Whatever. I like Arsenal, Liverpool, and Chelsea, which are just as rich. In fact, when ManU was playing Arsenal, I sort of broke my phone when Arsenal lost. Yeah, it was intense, but I just like it a lot. It's a more strategic game than baseball or American football or basketball for that matter. It's "like war and battles", as the Somali guy put it. Hahaha, me liking sports, go figure.

Also, Beckham might stay with AC Milan. He should's a waste for him to play in the MLS for LA Galaxy. I mean, seriously...let him play in a real soccer league.

For the record, even though I played Volleyball in high school, I don't like watching it or play it that much. Actually, it's fun to play, but not to watch. Soccer though, I like kicking around the ball and while I haven't played basically in years, I still want to. I'm not the best, but who cares? Just play for the enjoyment, the same is true for the violin(yes, I practice, though not every day and not as long as I wish...I know you're reading this, :P).

Lots of rambling. Ok, I must study now. Yay!

Oh right, I went to a Japan Club meeting today. I should socialize and really give this place a last chance before I write it off. Maybe this'll help more with my lack of friends here...I'm crossing my fingers.

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  1. 1. ARSENALS! Fuck YEAH! RAh RAH RAH! The English start to speak in gibberish when they watch soccer. I have witnessed it.
    2. I'm pretty sure Perry was actually Oaxacan in a previous life.
    3. Even I don't know the meaning of potatoey. You need to distribute a whole manifesto which includes a glossary of terms.