Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm a conservative vector field.

Yes, I am very conservative when it comes to vector fields. So conservative because if you get all liberal and shit, you create chaos and headaches and crises! THE WORLD OF MATH WOULD COME TO AN END AS WE KNOW IT!!!!

So, when it comes to Math, I'm voting Republican. Y'all need to get with the program.

Or not. Actually, when it's not conservative, then I don't do anything. So, really, the world is much better and lazy and fat like a delicious bunny.

Ok, for real.

I'm eating donuts in the library right now and I have many yellow legal pad papers with Math on them near me. I must look so cool with my Math. I've realized that Math makes you look cool. Whenever I see someone doing Math, I'm like "oh snap, Math." When I see reading, I see reading, which is cool, but it's not my "oh snap, Math is being done." Of course, reading makes you grow as a person while Math makes your mind grow in logical thinking. So really, we need a story book about Math where each character is a member of the set and goes on adventures through the integration and shit!! Ahhhh, that'd be hilarious!!!

No, probably wouldn't be.

I'm a bit sick, it's mostly pleasant, except for this headache. I'm too cheap to buy pain relievers, so I'm being a man and toughing it out.

I like tea. I think you should all have a fine lapsang souchoung. It's very smokey, thus, this makes it the scotch of teas. If you drink scotch, then you'll understand. If not, well, then sad. Scotch is very smokey and peaty. So is this tea. It's delicious and makes the palate dance.

I should do Math.

Peace, brothas.


  1. Did you really just write an entry about the politics of math? You should be shot.

  2. Also you should follow my new cult blog "In the Foyer"