Monday, March 16, 2009

Sri Lankan Men

Hahahahahaha, these two guys...are so ridiculous. When my dad has my uncles over, this is what they do. They just sit in their sarongs and talk about shit. Granted, this is in Sinhalese and not Tamil, but since neither I nor any of you understand it, that fact is useless.

But man, THE SARONG. Ahahahahahahaha. EVERY DAY when he gets back from work, my dad hops into a sarong and just sits in his big chair to start reading medical journals or to shoot the breeze with me. Hilarious.

I'm having to contain my laughter in the library.

On another note, I need to look away from Math for a while. I can't think clearly to the point where 1+1=0 is a legitimate statement.

Watch this and laugh.

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