Sunday, March 15, 2009


The exam week is upon us...exciting!

That above is the Banana snack I'm eating. Ok, so they don't really taste like bananas, but they are really really good for when you're studying and happen to hunger just a tad. I don't know what is it that makes these so addictive, maybe it's that banana dude on the front looking extremely banana-y. Hahahaha, what a banana.

I'm in a weird mood, one of those moods that I get when I'm a bit stressed out about life and school together. I guess I get these too often because I think too much about things instead of just doing shit. Too much talk, not enough action. I'm confident that I've said I'm going to do a lot of things but only accomplished maybe one or two. That needs to change, but of course, I hope that statement in and unto itself won't end up in the annals of "things Tony talks about doing but doesn't end up doing."

Last quarter, I was doing really well at accomplishing many things though. I was getting up early every day at the start and exercising. I was eating right and on top of my game...and then I got totally thrown off with pneumonia that was preceded by bronchitis just a few weeks before. That knocked the wind out of me and well, it was really hard to get back on after that. I don't know, I suddenly don't feel like talking about this, too much bitching. I thought a lot today about how much I just bitch and it was really embarrassing. Things aren't so bad when you take perspective and calm down.

I also have this thought: I should also get my shit together, which is the over-arching theme here too. It's annoying people and I know it. Even those people who don't admit it annoys them...yeah, I know you people. It's chill, I understand. I'm annoyed at myself too, which is why I don't like mirrors because I always end up talking to myself. Ok, too much weird, I won't elaborate.

Blaaaaaaaaaaaah. I'm going to hop around like a bunny in my room now and then do work.

By the way, I was in the Science and Engineering library until about an hour's a fantastic place to get work done. I'm a serious fan of it and plus, it's much closer to my dorm. The only downer is the lack of power outlets, which is why I'm back in my room, but other than that, it's a good place. Great lighting, perfectly aligned desks, and silence. The regular library is getting really loud these days and there are way too many people around. It's too stressful to study around other high strung people. It's like a vortex of soul sucking stress. Potatoes. I have removed this potato though by going to a new library. Solved.

Now if they had a power strip somewhere, I could check my Math answers online. That's ok though, I think I know a spot there. I'm going to return there now. My room isn't a good study place. Another solution!

THE PAPAYA HAS RISEN!!! The best solution!

That's the real good news, homies.


  1. :)

    Btw, I really like your picture. BANANANANANANANANANANA!!!!! :P

  2. Are those banana chips? In Vietnam they had these jack fruit and banana and like weird fruit chips. They are like crack.